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 Chainzz's newbie penguins - lore.

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Chainzz's newbie penguins - lore. Empty
PostSubject: Chainzz's newbie penguins - lore.   Chainzz's newbie penguins - lore. EmptySat 29 Sep - 11:43

Here's the story of "the upcoming star" - chainzz's itemless newbie penguins. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The birth

Regular summer day. Chainzz is bored. He's sitting at the MC CP forums (before he was banned). He checks the artwork sub-forum. The threads are "penguins" "my cool shop" "order your penguin" "hand-drawn penguin". And Chainzz has had it - he HAD to try drawing a penguin. He wanted to create a unique style of penguins. He didn't use any guides. He just drawn an egg-shaped body, an ugly deformed arm, simple orange feet, a white smiley and goofy eyes. But, Chainzz was accualy proud of his work.He posted it in the forums. No one liked it. But who would know that soon the newbie penguins will have theyre own shop..!

Chapter 2: One step forward

But, as soon as Chainzz heard the responses, He didn't ignored them. He tryed to improve them. Accualy, he still didn't do anything fantastic. But, his work payed off - he got noticed. As soon he posted the gallery of his penguins, people started to really got impressed by theyre original style. Chainzz got some questions "can i get one?" "what do you use?". But Chainzz wasn't ready to make a good shop, and he didn't reveal the secret of his penguins. But though he didn't dump them. Contrariwise. He improved them. And the newbie penguins stepped a one step forward.

To be continued...


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Chainzz's newbie penguins - lore.
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