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 My Penguin Turns One

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Frozen Angel

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PostSubject: My Penguin Turns One   Mon 19 Nov - 8:09

My penguin's first birthday falls on tomorrow- November 20th, Tuesday. I won't be holding a very huge party or such stuff but nevertheless, I hope you can come online to celebrate this little joyous day together with me.

Preferred times for you to come online on CP:
6:00PM Monday - 11:00PM Monday PST
1:00AM Monday - 2:00AM Monday PST
(even though it'll be Monday in CP, it will already be Tuesday for me)

The server is Frozen, U.K.. No specific meet-up place and no specific meet-up time (because different people live in different time zones, so it's difficult to choose a time which is suitable for everyone). We'll just waddle about and hopefully meet one another other. For those who are my buddies, you can easily find my location.

I've cleared some inactive people from my buddy list to make space for YOU.

If your penguin name is different from your username, do post here to inform me. Just a reminder, my penguin name is Pumpie, not Frozenangel or anything of that sort.

Warmest regards,
Frozen A.
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PostSubject: Re: My Penguin Turns One   Mon 19 Nov - 15:37

i can come

If your bad i'll...Fart on you! (My farts smell like dog manua)tounge
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My Penguin Turns One
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