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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Fri 23 Nov - 1:16

General Rules:

- No swearing.
- No spammng.
- No sexual language/harrassment.
- No hacking or talking about hacking.
- No porn links or pictures.
- No advertising.


- No double posting or more.
- No post-a-thons or spam-a-thons.
- No posting about religion or poltical debates.

Signatures & Avatars:

- They must have no porn in them.
- Please make them appropriet for kids and adults.
- I will remove your signature if I feel it's to big.
- If your avatar's to big, it will automaticly resize.

Moderators & Administrators:

- You must stay active or you will be removed and replaced.
- You must lock and delete when neccessary.
- You must help users in need, or new users with questions.

Everyone has 3 warnings. Please follow these rules, and have fun posting!


♥ Itachi-Kun
Naruto lover.
Siggeh made by me :3
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The Rules
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