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 How to Set up WiFi on DS.

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How to Set up WiFi on DS. Empty
PostSubject: How to Set up WiFi on DS.   How to Set up WiFi on DS. EmptySat 3 May - 2:22

How to Set up WiFi on DS. Nintendo_wi_fi_logo

How to Connect to Nintendo WiFi On Nintendo DS

Items Needed

You Will need:
~A Nintendo DS
~Wireless Internet Connection
~Nintendo DS Wifi Game. List:
How to

It is a pretty Simple and easy way to play online.
1) First Put you're Wifi game of you pleasing into the game slot (You can tell if the case of the game has Nintendo WiFi emblem on it [like the one in the top of the thread])
2)Turn you're DS on and go into the game.
3)On the Menu of the game there should be a choice to play Nintnedo WFC (Nintendo WiFi Connection). (If not look in the multiplayer, if it doesn't have it make sure it is WiFi.)
4)Then go into that, There will probably be play match, and friend code, go into Nintendo WFC Settings.
5)It will take you to a screen that has 2 buttons on the touch screen, on on the left that is big and blue. And one on the right which is Small and Orange that says Options.
6)Click on the big Blue one.
7)Then it will come to a screen with 4 choices on them, 3 of them will have Connection 1,2,3 on it. If you have WiFi Select one of them that is open, if the first one is open click that.
8)Then Click on Search for an access point
9)If and Access point comes up, press it.
10)If it goes through fine you should be set to play, if you get an error go to this site:

Have Fun!

Put your gamertag here too.
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How to Set up WiFi on DS.
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