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King Leonidas

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PostSubject: Exams?   Tue 10 Jun - 18:15

Anyone else have exams comming up? I have 2 every day on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Some have been very very hard, and some easy.
What about you?

Put your gamertag here too.
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PostSubject: Re: Exams?   Wed 11 Jun - 19:29

we dont have exams...we have quarterlys( when the marking period is about to end... we take a best test that is 10% of our grade) and we take NJ ask test...but we took it in like...march i think no no april

Tomboy Update
I had a meeting in NY with an agency and they like me. I have to go back tomorrow(September 1) and if I "pass" the final interview I'm in! And my auditioning for Wizards of Waverly Place too!
Haller @ Your Boyz Yo!!!!
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