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 Chainzz's Music Festival First Review

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Tween Penguin
Tween Penguin

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PostSubject: Chainzz's Music Festival First Review   Thu 31 Jul - 9:54

Well, i just checked Club Penguin. I noticed a cool (or not so cool in some ways) Music related party. Well, i thought i could review it.

First impression: Music jam written on jam. Thats.... Creative.

Music: Well, i just thought that this party is very well organized, i mean, each place has it's own concert of different kind of music. That way everyone can enjoy it.

The shop: I found a gift shop. First i thought "Yay! I have lots of money! SPEND!!!!" and the other thing i noticed was "OOPS! You have to be a member bla...". Yeah, right.

Free items: I hate when they give away items that were given away a long time ago. YOU HAVE THIS ITEM BLAH BLAH.

Bands: Didn't see them... The only band i saw on stage were The Penguin Band, who aren't even players... Yeah, i see the penguins were very enthusiastic.

Other: Should of put in a "Bottle band" feature.
Btw, personally, i think the new game DJ3K is stupid. I mean, all you do is mix random sounds like a 5 year old... The only thing thrilling in that game was the penguin.

Music Jam overall: 7/10. The CP fair stays my personal fave.

Offtopic: Oops... Move this to the CP updates forum... I misplaced x(.


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King Leonidas

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PostSubject: Re: Chainzz's Music Festival First Review   Fri 23 Dec - 19:00

Cool, nice review.

Put your gamertag here too.
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Chainzz's Music Festival First Review
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