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 Neoquest2's 2nd shop- Team sigs!

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Neoquest2's 2nd shop- Team sigs! Empty
PostSubject: Neoquest2's 2nd shop- Team sigs!   Neoquest2's 2nd shop- Team sigs! EmptyFri 10 Aug - 23:47

Welcome to Neoquest2's team sigs shop!
Store Map:
Aisle 1- What?! (About)
Aisle 2- Oh, ok. (Examples)
Aisle 3- I want.. (form)

Aisle 1- What?!
A Team sig is a picture of 2-5 of your penguins on a team.

Aisle 2- Oh, ok.
Neoquest2's 2nd shop- Team sigs! 4r8fg40

Aisle 3- I want..
Here is the form:
1. How many accounts pictured? (2-5)
2. Team Name? (Team _____)
3. Pictures: Place pictures of penguin here, or make a time and date and server for us to meet)
4. Health: (0-4)
5. What type? (Express=Quick, but you must give credit, or Regular, not as fast but you don't have to give credit.)
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Neoquest2's 2nd shop- Team sigs!
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